what is a one hundred word story?

a one hundred word story is a collection of exactly one hundred words imagined in turn by a pair of people without any planning, discussion, or editing.

how do you write one?

  1. find a friend to write with.
  2. decide who is going to start.
  3. the first person says a word to get the story going.
  4. the other person says a word.
  5. the first person says another word.
  6. the other person says another word.
  7. keep alternating words. add punctuation whenever you like.
  8. keep track of your word count as you go along,
    and when you get to one hundred, stop!
  9. come up with a title together (without alternating words),
    and you're done!

how can i get involved?

you can write a story and add it to this site! for now, if you want to create an author account or write a story, you'll have to download the iPhone app. (for those of you without an iDevice, never fear! this state of things will obviously change very soon. the website has just been woefully neglected during app development.)

who came up with this?

the idea was thought up in 2004 by dan bretl and becca schall, and the site was developed by dan originally in 2005 and then redesigned from scratch starting in 2009. you can contact becca or dan at 100wordstory@gmail.com.

any other information?

for news, check us out on twitter or become a fan on facebook.