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God Watching Kiss

By apname and fyname on December 3, 2009

There was a time when I was fell apart from mango tree. A boy, who saw me and caught me in his hands. I liked the monkey-face boy so I loved him. Oneday we went to zoo for dating. He looked at me so cutely and touched my leg. But my feelings slapped to his emotions. Therefore, he ran from this unromantic moment. Suddenly, I saw a dog who was trying to kiss his companion. But the God did not want this so he could not able to succeed in his cricket-match. By kicking his wife's head he left.

Samsung and Sony: An Inconceivable Love Story!

By fyname and ssname on December 2, 2009

Once there was an old mobile that didn't have screen. Mr. samsung was the name of that mobile. Ms. sony, pretty young and slim brandnew fallen in love with samsung. Sanmar was their friend who loved Sony. Sanmar wanted to kiss Sony infront of Samsung, but Sanmar didn't want to make sex. Therefore, Sanmar planned to date with Sony so openly that childrenpark became first at choice of dating. On Friday, Samsung took revenge by kissing wildly infront of Sanmar. Sanmar planned to kill after the kissing incident finished. However, Sanmar didn't control his willingness of kissing girls so wildly.