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Spank's Plot

By smname and etname on February 15, 2004

Every day, Gilgamesh would frolic to the middle of town. However, his parakeet, Spank, was never allowed to frolic. Rage flowed through Spank's feathery exterior.

"SQUAK! Why you horrible human monster!" Spank exclaimed. Gilgamesh didn't listen. He would frolic, silent and naive and silent. Gilgamesh's ignorance finally boiled enough over that Spank decided to plot murder. He secretly requested to borrow a hatchet from his buddy Alfred, and positioned it within vicinity of Gilgamesh's bed.

The hatchet was shimmering in the dawn's early dawning. Gilgamesh was lying asleep and unaware. Spank suddenly felt terrible and flew through town, to Purgatory!