Midnight Manatees

By smname and yxname on February 2, 2004

Once, when the night appeared silent, all manatees actually were sheepishly fox-trotting across Floridian escalators.



Up skyscrapers and slippery star-scapes, googols of horizontalness and deities swam under watchful gargoyles. Heavenly gray bodies approached the point of confusion that collided harshly against their flippers.

"Staircase, where movement hurries lives, isn't your final dream," the gargoyles harrumphed, "Manatees are sea elephants, not meant to slip onto serrated escalators." The saddened manatees sank heavily back into their flubber lives, disappointed.

But suddenly, the escalators reached the stars, and cried, "FOLLOW YOUR LONELIEST DREAM AND FULFILL YOUR HEARTS DESIRE."

The manatees smiled.