Alfonso's Triumph

By alittlebitdarkorange and smname on February 4, 2004

The chord stricken by Alfonso was sickening.

Warm vibrations made audience members cringe like a group cringing.

Alfonso turned up his volume. "There! You people shall burn in Vobratto!"

At that picosecond, an egret sounded from the rafters and swooped down and ate Alfonso's soul.

People gasped, but the crazy egret didn't. "Listen to me! I will devour all of your faces OFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Suddenly, ANOTHER egret climbed through the church chimney and shot the first egret with blinding speed.

Alfonso, soul-less, and with a sharp intuition, grabbed his mallet and smacked the second egret REALLY loudly with unquestionably strong Vobratto.