How Henry Ruined 'Puppies Day'

By catie and alittlebitdarkorange on June 18, 2011

"Spin those suckers around until they go into my secret spot," I mimed towards Henry. 'Puppies Day' usually went like this. Henry remained complacent, gently stroking the nearest basket handle, disregarding the tiny fluffy Dachshund inside. The Dachshund spun itself halfheartedly, and tumbled wumbled away into a bottomless bramble. This caused Henry to vomit enthusiastically, which was honestly the most abhorrent response imaginable. I immediately threw down my secret special spot and stormed out of the fairgrounds, leaving a pile of disheartened Dachshunds behind, whimpering and whining like only abandoned Dachshunds can. This was the worst 'Puppies Day' ever. EVER!