By smname and bluesprinkles on February 4, 2004

A hot summer's wet noodle was sliding slowly across Stephon's driveway. He saw it from his kitchen window. "Behold!" exclaimed Stephon, "What noodilicious glory!"

Quickly, he ran outside, only to find his driveway COMPLETELY covered with PASTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! Stephon's face lit up with light as pasta rolled around his toes.
Giggling, Stephon laid a hand across some noodles. "We love you, Stephon!!" Cried an undulating noodle.

It climbed onto Stephon's shoulder and nudged his cheek. "Do you hear the noodles sing? Singing the song of angry men?" The wobbly noodle sang.

Hungrily, Stephon ate his arm off. It tasted good. Yum.