Tiny Voices

By smname and bluesprinkles on February 14, 2004

Floosh and Frongle went frolicking out through the doorway of Spirituality. They tripped. Fortunately, Frongle caught Floosh on the way down, and they landed safely on marshmallows. They said, "What was that? I don't know" simultaneously.

The marshmallows spoke: "Hey, Fellas, what's in your pockets?" Frongle said, "Oh, those silly things? Those are just women." "Women?!" said Floosh. "Obviously," said Frongle. "I suppose that they would agree" said the marshmallows.

Out of the pocket came 17 voices calling out for sanctuary. Frongle responded, "Shut up, tiny voices, get back in my giant pocket."

"This is a big marshmallow," exclaimed Floosh.