Off Marsha

By smname and bluesprinkles on February 14, 2004

Everyone loved to party. It was time for a party. Yes, it was.

"MARSHA!" screamed Bartholomew at Marsha. "WHAT?!" screamed Marsha at Bartholomew.

"It's ten o'clock: We must leave and not party!"

"NO!" screamed Marsha, "We must PARTY."

Bartholomew died. "GOOD RIDDANCE!" yelled Marsha's mother. "Now you will party."

The party began to expand and exponentially spread to Bangkok, where the British army joined the party.

Then suddenly, the T-REX came and crashed into the mother, who smokes. She has only one minute to live. "COME! THE PARTY MUST GO ON!!!!!"

Then Bartholomew's extended family ate the hors d'oeuvres off Marsha.